The year has started with two very well-attended talks by our own members, Will Richardson on the Eocene-Oligocene extinction and Stephanie O'Grady on Diamond Mining in West Africa. We are indeed fortunate to have younger members who can put together really first class presentations for us.

The next meeting, on Sunday 14th April, will be on the early evolution of plants. Dr Paul Kenrick is a palaeobotanist and research scientist at the Earth Sciences Department of the Natural History Museum with specialisms that include fossil plants, palaeobotany and plant evolution. In the context of his research into the early evolution of plant life on land and its impact on key Earth Systems such as the Carbon Cycle, this promises to be an interesting talk.

Then on Sunday 19th May there will be a field trip led by Ken Brooks to the Hastings coastal area between Rock-a-Nore and Ecclesbourne Glen. The tide times for 19th May are High Tide at 11.20 (7.5m) and again at 23.39 (7.6m) – Low Tide 6.06 (0.5m) and 18.21 (0.6m). For further details and a risk assessment please contact Ken on (01424) 426459.