Jan 27th The Eocene-Oligocene Extinction - Will Richardson

Feb 24th 35 Years at Smokejacks - Peter Austen

Mar 27th Diamond Mining in West Africa - Stepahanie O'Grady

Apr 14th Early Evolution of Plants - Prof. Paul Kenrick.

May 19th Field Trip: Rock-a-Nore to Ecclesbourne Glen.

Jun 30th Field Trip: Eastbourne & Birling Gap.
Jul 21st Field Trip to Warden Point, Sheppey.

Aug 18th Members' Day & Summer Party.

Sep 15th The Geology of Mars - Gordon Elder.

Oct 13th Lady Brassey's Fossil Collection - Jukian Porter.

Nov 10th To be advised.

Nov 16th Sussex Mineral & Fossil Show Haywards Heath.

Dec 8th A.G.M and Christmas Party



February 26th  "Hastings Pier Restoration"  Peter Wheeler.

March 26th  "Critical Minerals for Modern Economy"  Prof. Richard Herrington.

April 23rd  "Amber"  John Cooper (Booth Museum, Brighton)

May 21st  "Forensic Geology"  Beth Wilks.

June 18th  Field Trip to Beachy Head.

July 16th  "Geology and Medicine" Dr Chris Duffin.

Aug 20th   25th Anniversary Party at Ore Centre.

Sept 17th  "The Great American Goldrush"  Geoff Downer.

Oct 15th  "The Burgess Shales" Ken Brooks.

Nov 12th  Presidential Lecture: Prof. David Price.

Nov  18th Sussex Mineral & Fossil Show Haywards Heath.

Dec 10th  A.G.M. and Seasonal Party.  



Meetings are held at the Ore Centre, 455 Old London Road, Ore Village, Hastings

 on Sunday afternoons at 2.30 p.m., unless otherwise indicated.   

	January 24th   ‘Louis Agassiz’    Dr. Chris Dutton

Feb. 14th         ‘A Brief History of Life in Ten Fossils’   Dr. Paul Taylor

March 13th      ‘The Building Stones of Sussex Churches’ David Bone

April 10th         ‘Basic Geology: Igneous Rocks’   Ken Brooks

May 8th           ‘Flint: Fact, Fantasy & Folklore'  John Cooper

June 12th Field trip to Folkestone

July 17th Field trip to Batemans, Burwash

August 21st Barbecue (tba)

Sept. 11th 'The Rare Earth Hypothesis: Are we alone?'   Dr Trevor Devon

October 9th 'Alfred Russel Wallace'  Roy Hale

Nov. 13th Understanding Local Geology Ken Brooks

Dec. 11th AGM and Seasonal Party


Past Programme 2015:         

January 19th    ‘Archaeology & Geology of the Link Road’ Casper Johnson

February 15th  ‘Soft Tissue Preservation in Dinosaurs’ Dr. Susannah Maidment

March 15th  ‘Ice Age Sussex’ Colin Whiteman

April 19th ‘Mineralogy at the Natural History Museum’ Prof. Andy Fleet

May 17th ‘How Britain Became an Island’ Dr. Sanjeev Gupta

June 14th Field trip (To be arranged)
July 26th Field trip: Rock-a-Nore Ken Brooks, Peter Austen & Ed Jarzembowski
(Combined trip with the Geologists’ Association)
August 16th Barbecue (tba)

Sept 13th ‘The Cretaceous Greenhouse World and its Impact on the Evolution
of Land Vertebrates’ Prof. Paul Upchurch
Oct 18th ‘Wildlife of Sussex 140 Million Years Ago’ Peter Austen

Nov 15th Presidential Lecture Prof. G. David Price

Dec 13th AGM and Seasonal Party


The Past Programme 2014

Fossil Folklore  by Ken Brooks

Sir Arthur Smith Woodward & the NHM Fossil Fish Collection by Mike Smith

Diamonds by  Dr. Chris Duffin

Micro Minerals by Dr. Trevor Devon

NHM visit

Field trip - Pett/Fairlight  Ken Brooks & Peter Austen 
Bexhill Dinosaurs Julian Porter
Flint by  Diana Smith

Presidential Lecture by Prof. David Price

A.G.M. and Seasonal Party


  The Past 2013 Programme

    Devonian Fishes, by Dr Peter Forey

     Isle of Wight Dinosaurs, by Steve Sweetman

     The Stones of Stonehenge, by Geoff Downer

     UCL visit with Professor David Price

     Field Trip - Pett/Fairlight with Ken Brooks & Peter Austin (GA combined trip)

     Members' Day: Basic Geology III with Ken Brooks

     Richard Owen and Fossil Vertebrates, by Chris Duffin

     Annual General Meeting and Christmas Party

                William Buckland, by Chris Duffin.

                New Fossils from a Classic Era, by Tess Ormrod

                Basic Geology with Ken Brooks
                Geology II with Ken Brooks

                Collecting Minerals aound the World with Sussex Mineral Society, John Pearce

                Wealden Dinosaurs, Dr Paul Barrett


                Charles Darwin as a Geologist, by Chris Duffin.
                New Techniques in Conservation, by Chris Collins.
                The Polacanthus Story, by Dr William Blows.
  Field Trip - Bracklesham Bay.
                Making fossil plaster casts with Ken.
   Field Trip: Eastbourne with Professor Rory Mortimore.
Jurassic Fish, by Dr Peter Forey.     
                Seismic Surveying, by David Howe.
Recent Discoveries in the Weald, by Peter Austen. 
The Geology of Life, by Prof. David Price


                Building Stones of Canterbury, by Geoff Downer.
                The Wealden Iron Industry, by Jeremy Hodgkinson.
                Scientists through Coelacanth Eyes, by Dr Peter Forey.
                The Giant Gastropod Mystery" by Dr Paul Taylor
                Field Trip to Sheppey.
                Field Trip: Building Stones of Canterbury.
                Members' Day "The Nautilus & the Ammonite" by Ken Brooks
                H.D.G.S. Barbecue hosted by Trevor Devon.
                Fossil Plants of the Jurassic, by Prof. Paul Kenrick.
                Members' Day: looking at specimens.
                President's Lecture: Geomagnetic Reversal, by Prof. David Price